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Since its establishment in 1988, our company 加多利香港有限公司 has been engaged in trading with industrial and commercial customers around the world.

With our emphasis on customer-oriented service, we sincerely hope to even further expand and strengthen business with our long-term customers as well as newly established business relationships through distributing such quality products as introduced herein.

In every phase of our corporate activities, we endeavor to minimize environmental pollution and contribute to the improvement of life worldwide by supplying earth-friendly products we have been dealing in, and that policy will be our ultimate goal in the future as well.

Milestones of KADORI HONG KONG CO., LTD. 加多利香港有限公司 : -

1988 - KATRI FAR EAST CO., LTD. 加多利香港有限公司 established.

2015 Lebo Electric (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. 利博電器(香港)有限公司 established.

2015 Fully Wang Electric Co., Ltd. 富利弘電器有限公司 established.

2016 - English name "KATRI FAR EAST CO., LTD." is renamed to KADORI HONG KONG CO., LTD.

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